TAURON among the most transparent companies of 2016

TAURON Polska Energia is one of the laureates of the Transparent Company of 2016 ranking for business transparency and quality of market communication.

The ranking organised by “Parkiet” - Journal of the Exchange and Investors and the Institute of Accounting and Taxes, was established based on the questionnaire survey in which three most important areas of market communication were evaluated, i.e. financial reporting, investor relations and corporate governance rules.

The results were announced on 6 April during the debate at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Activities of TAURON in the scope of communication with the capital market were appreciated on many occasions: in two issues of the survey performed by the Chamber of Brokerage Houses and “Parkiet” - Journal of the Exchange and Investors, Tauron Investor Relations were recognised as the best among companies of WIG30 index.

In 2014, the company received the “Hero of the Capital Market” distinction from the Association of Individual Investors for active communication with individual investors.

For three consecutive years (2014, 2015 and 2016) TAURON Polska Energia received the main award in “The Best Annual Report” competition organised by the Institute of Accounting and Taxes associating companies using the highest reporting standards.

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