TAURON with 30 solutions from startups

30 startups are currently preparing solutions for TAURON in the area of improvement of existing infrastructure and development of new businesses within the Group. Twelve of them are already conducting tests on TAURON's infrastructure. The deployments are carried out under the Pilot Maker program - one of the most advanced programs aimed at the introduction of innovative ideas from startups in corporations. 

Since the beginning of the year in the entire program TAURON has analyzed nearly 130 solutions developed by startups: 46 from the first call for applications, 23 from the second call and 60 from the third call. After that 30 startups began cooperation with TAURON on the development of solutions responding to the technological challenges defined by the Group. Twelve startups are already conducting tests on TAURON's infrastructure.

The deployment of solutions is already carried out i.a. by Advanced Graphene Products with a technology of a three-fold increase of the efficiency of photovoltaic cells through the use of graphene; iGrid Technology with a system for the remote management of distribution networks and the monitoring of low-voltage outflow in transformer stations; Boneffice with a solution enabling the automatic management of the efficiency of power blocks; Enelion with a system managing the operation of chargers for electric cars. 

- Aware of the challenges facing the energy sector in the coming years, we are consistently conducting numerous innovative projects as well as research and development projects. We are open to innovations generated by startups, hence our involvement in the Pilot Maker program. Taking care for the adaptation of our products and services to the real needs of the customers, we want to not only accelerate the transfer of knowledge between the startups and the TAURON Group, but what is equally important, also build our own competencies in cooperation with the startups  -  emphasizes  Filip Grzegorczyk, the Chairman of the Board of TAURON Polska Energia.

One example of an adaptation of an idea from a startup to TAURON's real needs is the modification of the InWill business model. The startup's initial idea involved cooperation with TAURON in the creation of a large battery constituting a backup for transformer stations. A new use has ultimately been developed for the battery, which can be used for the home storage of energy coming from the photovoltaic panels. Such an energy storage system could also serve as a backup in the event of a power failure.

- Out of nearly 130 startups whose ideas we have analyzed in the Pilot Maker program, 30 are now preparing solutions for precisely defined issues throughout the Group's value chain, and 12 are already testing their projects at TAURON. We plan to carry out further pilot implementations in the coming months. In our cooperation with the startups we are looking for solutions to specific problems, in order to ultimately obtain products and solutions - verified during the tests - optimally adapted to the needs posed by the activities of the TAURON Group and that of our customers  -  says  Jarosław Broda, the Vice-president of TAURON Polska Energia for Asset Management and Development.

Pilot Maker is one of the most advanced programs of cooperation between startups and large corporations on the Polish market. It focuses on the implementation of solutions prepared by startups in large enterprises. The development of the program was based on a broad list of needs for innovative solutions in nine areas covering almost the entire value chain of the TAURON Group.

The program is implemented by techBrainers along with the main partner - TAURON Polska Energia S.A.  The basic premise of the Scale Up program is to combine the potential of the startups with the infrastructure, expertise and resources of large enterprises.

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