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TAURON Group posts good Q1-3 2017 earnings: PLN 2.9 bln of EBITDA and PLN 1.2 bln in net profit

The first three quarters of 2017 were for TAURON Group a period of significant improvements of the basic operating and financial indicators.

TAURON to build a pilot microgrid 22.12.2017

A microgrid able to cover own electricity demand independently will consist of renewable energy sources, a battery-charged electricity storage and elements controlling the microgrid performance. TAURON will build a pilot installation under the agreement with the National Centre for Research and Development.A microgrid is a small power grid enabling to guarantee electricity supplies...

TAURON in RESPECT for the fifth time18.12.2017

Since 2013, TAURON Polska Energia has been continuously listed in the RESPECT Index. In December, the company joined the group of listed socially responsible companies. The ceremony of announcing the results of the 11th edition of the RESPECT Index ranking was held on 14 December at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. ...

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