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TAURON jointly with PFR creates the first Corporate Venture Capital fund to develop innovation

Projects related to innovative solutions for the energy sector responding to market challenges in areas of TAURON Group activity will become the focus of interest of the new EEC Magenta fund. The Polish Development Fund established by TAURON and the CVC National Research and Development Centre (managed by PFR) - the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) type fund, is the first entity...

TAURON Group: PLN 1.3bn of EBITDA and PLN 637m in net profit in Q1 2018

  Sales revenue up 5 percent year on year (to PLN 4.8bn) EBITDA up 6 percent (to PLN 1.3bn) and EBITDA margin maintained at 26.8 percent Stable net profit of PLN 637m Positive PLN 230m impact on earnings due to dissolving of the provisions related to employee benefits at TAURON Wytwarzanie (Generation) Increased volumes of electricity distribution (by 1 percent), electricity...

TAURON and ING Bank Śląski launch cooperation in the scope of electromobility

Construction of the infrastructure for electromobility and development of electric car sharing represents the scope of cooperation initiated between TAURON Polska Energia and ING Bank Śląski. The letter of intent concerning joint actions was signed during the European Economic Congress and European Startup Days in Katowice. ...

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TAURON - power plant in Łagisza


TAURON - power plant in Łagisza

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