TAURON Group bought wind farm

Lipniki is a state-of-the-art wind farm commissioned in July 2011, located in South-West part of Opole province, in the territory of Kamiennik commune (Nysa district). The farm consists of 15 wind turbines, its total capacity equals 30.75 MW, maximum capacity of a single turbine is 2.05 MW.

“The Lipniki farm is the first wind farm in the structures of our subsidiary, TAURON Ekoenergia” said Dariusz Stolarczyk, vice-president of the Management Board at TAURON Polska Energia. “By the end of 2014 we plan to commission further wind farms of 140 MW capacity in Westpomeranian and Pomeranian provinces. In 2010 we purchased shares in two SPVs that own designs for 40 MW wind farm in Wicko and 100 MW wind farm in Marszewo. Now, tender procedures for these projects are in progress” he continued.

The core business of TAURON Ekoenergia is now electricity generation in hydroelectric power plants. However, implementation of TAURON Group’s corporate strategy will change it. In line with the adopted strategic objectives, TAURON Group’s installed capacity in RES should increase to 800 MW in 2020. At that time, wind will be the main source of electricity generated by TAURON Ekoenergia.

The Lipniki wind farm was built in line with the sustainable development principle, with due consideration paid to economic, social and environmental factors.

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