“Wektor” award for the CEO

Dariusz Lubera, President of the Management Board at TAURON Polska Energia, has been awarded a “Wektor” prize by Employers of Poland. On 14 January the tenth Wektor gala was held during which prizes were awarded to great politicians, entrepreneurs and people from the world of culture and art.  

The awards were handed out by Andrzej Malinowski, the head of the Employers of Poland organization and Jan Krzysztof Bielecki.

Upon receiving the “Wektor” Dariusz Lubera heard in the jurors’ justification that he is awarded for giving “positive energy” to the Poles, good adjustment of the interests of the company under his management to the lives of millions of Polish families and for a responsible development strategy”. 

“The award granted by such exceptional jurors who are the seven thousand Polish employers makes me particularly happy. “Wektor” shows that as a company we are on the right track. We have made enormous investments and we know that we may offer the Poles “positive energy”.      

“Wektor” awards have been presented since 2002. The Employers of Poland is an organization established in November 1989. It represents over seven thousand companies that employ over three million people.  85 percent of them are private companies and 15 percent belong to the State Treasury.

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