Individual investors visit Tauron

 On 6 September Tauron Polska Energia organized Individual Investors’ Day. On that day, individual shareholders had a chance to see the operations of the company, selected assets and meet members of the Management Board. It was the first event of its kind organized by a company listed in the Polish WIG20 index. The event was organized in cooperation with Individual Investors’ Association. 

Individual Investors’ Day was intended for individual investors, who hold a significant part of Tauron’s shares. In the initial public offering, over 230 thousand individual investors invested in the company’s shares which made it one of the top privatization processes.

“The program was developed for current and prospective individual shareholders of Tauron. We can see their interest in our company is growing so we decided to be the first company from the WIG20 index to enable them to get to know Tauron from a closer perspective and widen their knowledge on our key assets and strategy” said Dariusz Lubera, president of the Management Board (CEO) at Tauron Polska Energia, “We hope that Individual Investors’ Day at Tauron Polska Energia will become a permanent fixture on the capital market’s calendar”, he added.  

To enable participation of a greater number of investors, two options were prepared for participants to choose from. They could see either Łagisza Power Plant in Będzin or power distribution station in Gliwice.

At Łagisza power Plant belonging to Tauron Wytwarzanie, the investors could see the operation of 460 MW unit for supercritical parameters. Also, they saw the control room, engine room, boiler room, coal feeding and ash removal installation and electrical system of the unit. 

The other group of investors visited the power distribution station at Tauron Dystrybucja GZE. Earlier, they watched presentations on advanced systems used for electricity distribution – SONET and TETRA.

In the afternoon, both groups together met members of Tauron’s Management Board – Krzysztof Zawadzki, CEO and Krzysztof Zamasz, CCO. During the meeting they presented Tauron Group’s financial results for the first half of 2012. The investors could also widen their knowledge on Polish electricity market. The meeting ended with a Questions & Answers session.

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