TAURON enters gas trading market

On 19 October, President of Polish Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) approved gas tariff for TAURON Polska Energia. This decision is the green light for establishing gas trading segment in TAURON Group. The tariff is approved for a period of 12 months counting from its implementation by the company. 

Tariff approval for trading in gas means that TAURON will now act on the one hand as the buyer from suppliers in the domestic market and on the other hand as the seller to, among others, power plants and combined heat and power plants in the TAURON Group.

”Our business model assumes centralized fuel trading in TAURON Polska Energia. Such process has already been completed in the case of hard coal and biomass. Decision of ERO President opens new possibilities before us in the scope of trading in gas, in which as a target, we would like to be a major player, similar to the energy market”, said Krzysztof Zamasz, Vice-president of the Management Board, CCO at TAURON Polska Energia. “It is even more important to us because we have been planning construction of several large gas-fired generation units. Building competence in this area would enable us optimized purchase of fuel for our generation units and help generate additional margin on sales of gas to other clients.”

Benefits for the TAURON Group resulting from operation in this segment would consist in centralized gas trading performed by one entity, and purchase of gas fuel with optimum supply parameters. The company will supply gas to cover demand of existing generation units at TAURON Wytwarzanie (power plants at Stalowa Wola, Blachownia andBielsko-Biała CHP), and in the future also to new gas-fired generation units (440 MW unit at Stalowa Wola, 850 MW unit at Blachownia and 135 MW unit at Katowice). 

The expansion of TAURON’s operation to include gas trading started in the beginning of this year by adoption of amendments to the scope of operations by the General Meeting of the company. Thanks to that, in July TAURON applied to ERO for tariff approval.

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