TAURON: Gas transmission to new unit at Łagisza power plant secured

On 1 April TAURON Wytwarzanie and GAZ-SYSTEM signed agreement for connection of 413 MW CCGT unit that will be constructed at Łagisza power plant to the transmission grid. The connection should be ready within 52 months.

- Signing connection agreement is a key element in the timeline of CCGT unit construction at Łagisza power plant – said Stanisław Tokarski, Vice-President of TAURON Polska Energia Management Board. – The new unit will use even up to 80 thousand m3 of gas per hour, so it is essential for us to guarantee secure fuel supply for the project.

The new unit at the Łagisza power plant will be 413 MW state-of the-art source of electricity and heat. It will be one of the biggest investments of the TAURON Group in Silesia and one of the biggest such investments of the kind currently executed in Poland. According to adopted schedule the unit should be commissioned in 2018.

In 2009 a 460 MWe unit was commissioned at the Łagisza power plant. Construction of 413 MWe CCGT unit is in line with the TAURON Group’s strategy which stipulates diversification of energy sources. Highly effective CHP plant will replace 120 MW coal-based units at the Łagisza plant which are scheduled to operate until 2017.

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