TAURON Group: New deposit in Czatkowice Limestone Mine

In Kopalnia Wapienia Czatkowice (Czatkowice Limestone Mine) belonging to TAURON Group works associated with the preparation of the area for mining from a new deposit have been launched. The investment located across the area of approximately 50 hectares guarantees a possibility of extraction in the mine until 2060.

Opening of the new deposit is scheduled in mid-May. In June preparatory activities before the exploitation will be launched. In November its first stage will commence, comprising approximately 8.5 hectares. Mining over the consecutive three years is planned. The deposit will be gradually extended, in accordance with the plan. 

Sorbents produced by Kopalnia Wapienia Czatkowice are mainly used by power plants and combined heat and power plants in modern flue gas purification technologies. On an annual basis, owing to the mine products, it is possible, inter alia, to eliminate approximately 140 million of cubic metres of sulphuric acids.

- Stable operation of the plant over the successive decades will also affect many other industrial branches since the mine is also the supplier of sorbents for metallurgical industry, construction, limestone, cement, sugar, fodder and road sectors - says Sławomir Kosiba, President of Kopalnia Wapienia Czatkowice. 

While implementing the investment the company simultaneously mitigates the environmental impact. Activities carried out include the creation of a protective forest belt (so far approximately 100 thousand trees have already been planted, and ultimately the protective belt will occupy the area of 33 ha) and establishing migration corridors for bats. Following the completion of the investment in 2060 the whole area of the excavation (both the currently exploited and a new one), i.e. approximately 120 hectares, will be reclaimed.

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