TAURON and Enea want to develop renewable capacity jointly

The companies signed a letter of intent concerning joint implementation of the strategy ensuring the optimum method of increasing renewable capacity and financing of purchase transaction of wind assets. The strategy of both Enea and TAURON assumes the development of renewable energy sources, in particular, wind farms.

The letter of intent signed on 2 July stipulates the appointment of working teams in order to develop the assumptions related to the cooperation, including, in particular, the schedule of activities and the financial model favourable for both parties. Any business decisions will be made only based on results of working teams' activity.

Earlier, TAURON decided to resign from the continuation of negotiations with investors concerning the sales of rights to some part of wind assets belonging to the Group. The reason of this decision is the significant change in market terms and conditions of the transaction, in particular, the low current level of prices, of the so-called green certificates and electricity and the expectations concerning the level of those prices in the future.

– The project is significant for us, therefore, we are entering into negotiations with the new partner based on transaction assumptions considerably different than the previous assumptions. We will certainly consider different variants of the cooperation, based on the symmetrical risk distribution between partners – says Dariusz Lubera, President of the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia.


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