TAURON Wydobycie: ZG Janina investment project in its main implementation phase

Construction of the 800 m level at Zakład Górniczy Janina in Libiąż belongs to strategic investment projects of TAURON Group. At the beginning of October, the next important stage of project implementation was commenced - construction of the shaft bottom of the "Janina VI" shaft at a level of 800 m.

 Dredging of the "Janina VI" shaft to the target depth of 823 m has been continuing since September 2013. Its current depth is 782 m. In addition, 259 m of shaft tube was installed, which makes 86 per cent of the target scope.

 Works connected with the construction of the concrete enclosure of internal columns have already been completed and, following the replacement of the reinforcement (required for further dredging), further shaft dredging and construction of shaft bottom at a level of 800 m started in October. Currently the shaft is responsible for air supply to 350 m, 500 m and 756 m levels and, ultimately, to the 800 m level.

 The expected deadline of implementation of the task, including the disassembly of all technological equipment and handover of the site for the further stage of works, falls to the fourth quarter of 2016. Subsequently, from 2017 the construction of surface infrastructure of "Janina VI" shaft will commence, including the mining hoisting system with a large-scale cage enabling transport of materials, machines and equipment with no need to apply special labour-intensive technologies. The implementation of all project elements, scheduled in June 2020, will allow for-long-term effective exploration of the new resources made available, with high concentration of the mining activity.

 About the investment

 The "Construction of the 800 m level at Zakład Górniczy Janina in Libiąż" is of key importance in the context of gradual liquidation of the sublevel exploitation, aimed at improvement of human work safety. It will also enable to maximise the effective performance time in areas of mining works through reducing the access time to the region of conducted works and exploitation of the leading 207 level, demonstrating coal with the highest energy value and very good qualitative parameters. Owing to the implementation of the investment the life time of Zakład Górniczy Janina will be extended up to 2080, which will offer employment opportunities for two generations of inhabitants living in neighbouring municipalities.

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