The Smart City Wrocław project was launched

TAURON Dystrybucja started a project associated with the implementation of a smart metering system in Wrocław. During two years the company will install over 330 thousand of modern electricity meters at their clients' premises.

The replacement of meters is free of charge and does not cause any changes in the terms and conditions of the current agreement on energy supply. Technicians of TAURON Dystrybucja will appear successively in various parts of Wrocław and replace old equipment by new devices.

- Each employee performing the replacement holds the ID badge containing the name and surname and the special number. In addition, data of the technician can be also checked by calling our helpline 800 889 909 - explains Łukasz Zimnoch, spokesman of the Dolnośląskie province in TAURON Dystrybucja.

The installation of smart meters of electricity has already started in Popowice. In April the equipment will be also replaced in Gądów Mały, Kozanów and Pilczyce and, in the consecutive months, in Grabiszyn, Nowy Dwór and Kleczków. At the end of the year, the replacement of equipment is planned in the Old Town and in 2016 the technicians will appear in the northern and eastern part of the city.

- We publish the schedule of replacements and other important information associated with the project on an on-going basis on the website We also communicate the dates in posters displayed in housing estates and staircases - says Łukasz Zimnoch.

New meters are ready to cooperate with home automatic solutions more and more commonly used in the contemporary construction industry. In addition, TAURON Dystrybucja created a possibility for its customers to access data on energy consumption through the website and via a mobile phone. It is possible owing to the dedicated platform TAURON eLicznik. 

- Modern meters mainly offer a tool for conscious use of electricity. Owing to the possibility of on-going monitoring of its consumption the client will be able to take measures increasing the effectiveness of electricity use, e.g. replace household appliances by more modern equipment, demonstrating lower electricity consumption - informs Mariusz Jurczyk, AMI project manager in TAURON Dystrybucja. 

For TAURON Dystrybucja the security of the measurement data read is one the key elements of the project.

- This data is confidential, therefore it has been protected and encrypted in the same way as applied in banks or by operators of mobile networks - ensures Mariusz Jurczyk.

Installation of meters in Wrocław will be completed in February 2017. The installation of smart metering is the element of recommendations of the European Union and the Energy Regulatory Office.



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