TAURON acquired successive EU funds for investment in the grid

TAURON Dystrybucja acquired successive 33 million zlotys from the European Union funds for investment projects related to the retrofitting of the electric power grid. In total, TAURON Dystrybucja has already concluded 26 agreements for co-financing of measures under the financial perspective 2014-2020 for the amount of a grant worth almost PLN 160 million.

Four agreements for co-financing were signed on 27 October at the Ministry of Energy in Warsaw. The European Union funds received will be used for co-financing of tasks associated with the development and implementation of smart electricity distribution systems operating at low and medium voltage levels as well as for the support of building smart electric power grids.

The funds acquired supplement the financing of planned investment expenditure of TAURON Group which amount to 1.8 billion Polish zloty in 2017 in the area of energy distribution.

TAURON Group has been permanently modernising its distribution grid so that, besides ensuring the security of electricity supplies, it is able to implement innovative solutions for Clients as well as develop new, prospective projects. The comprehensive action plan in the scope of smart grid services will be soon presented on our road map for innovation, namely, in the Strategic Research Analysis – says Filip Grzegorczyk, the President of TAURON Polska Energia.

The agreements signed relate to the performance of tasks allowing for the implementation of the smart grid concept in various geographical areas of company operations. On the territory of the Silesia Province, this will involve the retrofitting of medium voltage switchboards as well as the construction and retrofitting of the medium and low voltage grids, whereas in the Lower Silesia Province - the retrofitting of medium voltage switchboards supplying the urban areas.

All projects co-financed form a part of key directions of TAURON’s investment activities as the Distribution System Operator. A key issue is also the fact that owing to the execution of the projects, functionalities of the so-called smart grid will be implemented, the security of electricity supplies will be enhanced and the reliability of consumers’ supply will be improved, moreover, technical conditions for the implementation of new connections will be provided, including a possibility to connect renewable energy sources.

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