TAURON to build a pilot microgrid

A microgrid able to cover own electricity demand independently will consist of renewable energy sources, a battery-charged electricity storage and elements controlling the microgrid performance. TAURON will build a pilot installation under the agreement with the National Centre for Research and Development.

A microgrid is a small power grid enabling to guarantee electricity supplies for consumers connected thereto.

Owing to the possibility of periodical performance under the feed mode, it will be less sensitive to consequences of strong wind storms or disruptions in the National Power System.

Thus, those installations may contribute to the enhancement of energy security, limiting losses on electricity transmission and ensuring reliability of electricity supplies to clients.

The Project called: “The 2.0 model of scattered energy functioning - self-balancing areas of electric power grid” is included in the research and development initiatives of the “Scattered Energy” portfolio of the Strategic Research Agenda currently under implementation in TAURON Group.

- In our activities we are looking into the future when scattered local energy sources will play an increasing role. At the same time, we want to guarantee more electricity supply reliability to our clients. The microgrid construction programme combines these two goals and strengthens the ambitions of TAURON, striving to become a leader in developing the energy sector of the future – says Jarosław Broda, Vice-President of the Management Board for Asset Management and Development at TAURON Polska Energia. - Currently, we carry out 22 research and development projects in the overall value chain of the Group. The Strategic Research Agenda implemented in TAURON, which is a specific “roadmap” for innovation, enables faster selection of projects to be implemented, more efficient allocation of financial resources and more effective cooperation with business environment - adds the Vice-President of TAURON Polska Energia.

Microgrids will constitute an interesting solution, particularly for regions located at the end of the grid exposed to the risk of losing the electricity supply (single-family housing estates, industrial parks, tourist facilities) as well as energy clusters developing in Poland.

The subsequent stages of the project envisage the selection of the appropriate location, selection of energy sources and automation as well as systems enabling precise microgrid control.

The installation equipped with relevant components will undergo testing in standard and non-typical operating conditions. Based on the results achieved, detailed documentation allowing for reproducing microgrids in other locations will be also developed.

The project on “The 2.0 model of scattered energy functioning - self-balancing areas of electric power grid” is implemented with the co-financing of the National Centre for Research and Development obtained in the competition under the Energy Sector Research Programme (PBSE).

In the first call for proposals, PBSE TAURON received co-financing of 28 million PLN for 8 scientific and research projects, which makes one-third of the total competition budget.

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