TAURON and ING Bank Śląski launch cooperation in the scope of electromobility

Construction of the infrastructure for electromobility and development of electric car sharing represents the scope of cooperation initiated between TAURON Polska Energia and ING Bank Śląski. The letter of intent concerning joint actions was signed during the European Economic Congress and European Startup Days in Katowice.

The aim of the established cooperation is to achieve the synergy effect relying on former experience of both companies in the area of construction of the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging as well as creating new business models in the area of electromobility.

With a view to clients and under the governmental Strategy for Responsible Development, TAURON engages in the dynamic development of the new market segment, namely, the electromobility. Across our distribution area we plan to implement consecutive projects associated with electromobility, accordingly, the cooperation with ING Bank Śląski will enable us to use the best systemic solutions available on the European market in this scope - says Filip Grzegorczyk President of the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia.

The cooperation between TAURON Polska Energia and ING Bank Śląski will focus on the distribution area of TAURON Group and, in the nearest time, on conducting a pilot project in Katowice. This project deals with the construction of the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging, including the development of the electric car sharing service for inhabitants and tourists in Katowice.

- Protection of the natural environment and sustainable development make important elements of our long-term strategy. We support solutions and projects associated with the protection of the natural environment. We also have experience in electromobility. We actively participate in creating the market of electric cars and the accompanying infrastructure- said Brunon Bartkiewicz, the President of the Management Board of ING Bank Śląski.

ING Bank Śląski is engaged in the support to the energy sector in the period of transformation and it is ready to share its global experience in the scope of solutions and technologies. The Bank also has own experience and knowledge in the area of electromobilty.
It supports business partners in this area and cooperates in the search for new technological solutions. It participates in testing solutions for electric car sharing and platforms supporting the development of smart mobility.

In TAURON Group, electromobility is an element of the ecosystem of innovations currently under the development. In the framework of research and development projects and the cooperation with start-ups, the Group has been developing the technologies to be useful on the created electromobility market, among others in the scope of energy storage or power balancing in the network of charging stations.

TAURON is also involved in the works focusing on creation of the Polish personal electric car within the shares held in the ElectroMobilityPoland company. The Group has already implemented a number of pilot projects testing solutions in the scope of electromobility in public transport and use of electric cars in company fleets.

In TAURON Group, the TAURON Magenta company is responsible for performing the activities in the scope of the letter of intent signed. This Company was established last year with the idea of creating innovative product solutions and business models. 


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