Car-sharing will be launched in Katowice before the Climate Summit

TAURON is developing its offer in the scope of electromobility. Besides the construction and maintenance of charging stations, the Group is introducing the car sharing service for inhabitants, entrepreneurs and tourists visiting Katowice.

A system of 22 terminals consisting of 4 rapid charging stations (DC) and 18 accelerated charging stations (AC) will enable comfort moving in Katowice by electric car. This baseline infrastructure will serve, among others for the car sharing service. Already in the autumn the users will be able to rent one of 20 cars available in the operator’s fleet.

Moreover, as a result of the tender conducted by the City Hall, another 30 charging stations will be established in Katowice and TAURON will operate 20 of them.

– We would like to offer guests of the December Climate Summit a possibility to use the car-sharing service based totally on electric cars. In a longer-term perspective our aim is that TAURON will offer to external entities the construction of the infrastructure and comprehensive technological and organisational solutions for the development of electromobility – emphasises  Filip Grzegorczyk, President of the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia.

For TAURON, the project in Katowice is the beginning of building the offer concerning electromobility. The system of loading stations and the car-sharing service coupled with it are treated as a pilot of competence. The Group wishes both to collect experience in the scope of electric car fleet service and to test the software used for infrastructure management and the charging process.

In Katowice, cars of five most popular electric car brands in Poland as well as chargers of various manufacturers will be tested. Such an arrangement will enable checking of the entire system operation in various configurations, moreover, it will allow to assess the impact of electric car use on the performance of electric power grids in real conditions.

The collected experience shall help in preparing effective cooperation with local governments and the parallel development of the infrastructure and electric vehicle rental services is an attempt aimed at resolving the dilemma what should be created first: the market or the infrastructure  - says Michał Koszałka, President of the Management Board of Magenta Grupa TAURON.

During the Economic Forum in Krynica, TAURON signed a letter of intent with the airport in Balice concerning the development of the infrastructure for electromobility. Still this year, a rapid charging station with the capacity over 50 kW will be installed at the Kraków Airport, enabling charging of a standard electric car within 30 minutes. Owing to the convenient location of the airport, inhabitants of Kraków as well as drivers travelling along A4 motorway will be able to use this infrastructure.

Within TAURON Group, the Magenta Grupa TAURON company is responsible for conducting activities in the area of electromobility, specialising in the construction and maintenance of vehicle charging stations. This Company was established last year with the idea of creating innovative product solutions and business models.


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