TAURON and PGNiG share a letter of intent regarding ECSW

TAURON and PGNiG signed a letter of intent regarding the possible sale of shares in Elektrociepłownia Stalowa Wola (ECSW) by the Tauron Group to the PGNiG Group. In September last year, the companies launched a 450 MW gas unit in Stalowa Wola. Currently, both companies own 50 percent of ECSW shares each.

“ECSW is a modern gas unit that meets very restrictive environmental standards, the operation of which over the next several dozen years is important for the stabilization of Poland's energy security. Therefore, for our employees, the possible sale of our shares will have no consequences. PGNiG is a strong, stable and modern company for which modern gas-powered units are important in the context of the growing use of natural gas in Poland,” explained Jerzy Topolski, Vice-President of the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia. “The purpose of selling shares in ECSW is to organize TAURON's ownership portfolio, which will allow for improvement of operational management and optimization of gas fuel use within TAURON Group,” added Vice- President Topolski.

“Units, such as the one in Stalowa Wola, are the answer to challenges related to the low-emission transition of the Polish economy, of which PGNiG wants to be an important player, contributing to the construction of a strong Polish multi-energy company. It is also worth underscoring that ECSW contributes significantly to the improvement of air clarity, and thus the quality of life of citizens of Stalowa Wola and the surrounding area,” commented Paweł Majewski, President of the PGNiG Management Board.

The signed letter of intent does not entail any obligation to conclude a transaction. Such a decision will depend on the results of negotiations in this respect and the fulfillment of other conditions specified in legal regulations or corporate documents.

The CCGT unit in Stalowa Wola works in cogeneration, providing approximately 450 MW of electricity for the national energy system as well as heat supplies to the residents of Stalowa Wola and Nisko.

Thanks to the use of natural gas as a fuel, the Stalowa Wola unit meets very strict environmental standards. Carbon dioxide emission, which is approximately 360 kg/ MWh, is in line with the requirements of the BAT conclusions. The unit is also characterized by a very low emission of nitrogen oxides and practically no emission of sulfur oxides. Additionally, due to the location of the unit in the city center, it is very important that there is no dust emission.

The Stalowa Wola heat and power plant also has a backup heat source, which consists of a boiler room and auxiliary installations connecting the boiler room with the gas and steam block installations. There are four boilers installed in the boiler room to heat the network water for the heating needs of the Stalowa Wola and Nisko heating systems and one boiler for steam generation for local industrial customers. The heat will be generated during the standstill of the 450 MW unit. The boiler unit is therefore a necessary supplement to the basic heat source, which is the gas unit.

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