TAURON began cooperation in the field of innovation with the American Electric Power Research Institute

Energy storage and identification of electricity consumers' needs are the scopes of the first joint research programmes implemented by TAURON and the American Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The cooperation agreement was signed on March 8 in Warsaw.

- TAURON is gaining a leading position in the preparation of solutions enabling management of modern power infrastructure. Customers will gain access to manage the energy use, energy consumption and billing, which will contribute to the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things in Poland. Cooperation with EPRI is another step in building the innovation and research potential at a global level - said the Deputy Minister of Energy Andrzej Piotrowski commenting on the company's participation in research programs.

Founded in 1972, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is currently working with over 1,000 energy sector entities around the world - government agencies, regulators, academic word and businesses. The Institute has over 900 patented solutions in the areas of electricity generation (conventional energy, nuclear power, RES), distribution as well as network modernization, energy efficiency, cyber security, distributed energy sources and environmental protection.

- In the TAURON Group, we are creating a wide and effective ecosystem of innovation that will provide us with the implementation of different business objectives. Cooperation with the American Electric Power Research Institute opens before TAURON the access to global results of research and development works of leading scientific institutions and energy companies, and above all enables us to participate in technologically advanced projects coordinated by this prestigious institute - emphasizes Filip Grzegorczyk, the President of the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia.

TAURON will participate in two research programs carried out by the Electric Power Research Institute, i.e. in the area of energy storage (Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources) and identification of the needs of electricity customers (Understanding Energy Utility Customer).

The selected areas of cooperation are particularly important for the TAURON Group and directly result from the technological challenges identified in the Group. Energy storage is one of the most important challenges for distribution and effective distributed energetics. Understanding customer needs, however, supports customer relationships which are vital from the TAURON Group's strategy point of view. 

 - The basis of the innovation ecosystem in the TAURON Group is the Strategic Research Agenda, under which we are already carrying out nearly 40 research and development projects that cover all areas of the Group's core business, and, above all, distribution and generation of electricity. In the perspective of three years, we expect specific effects of their implementation - says Jarosław Broda, vice president of the management board for property management and development at TAURON Polska Energia.  - Now, thanks to the cooperation with the prestigious Electric Power Research Institute, we are increasing our potential and we are also participating in global research projects. We want to accelerate the implementation of our programs and ensure their competitiveness on an international scale - adds the vice president.

The potential for energy storage is considered at TAURON in several perspectives – power generation as a mechanism to stabilize the operation of dispersed generation units; energy distribution in the field of network optimization, as well as customer service in the area of ​​balancing renewable energy sources.

The Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources project uses modern tools that allow to estimate the costs of installation and operation of warehouses, or software that allows to verify the benefits and requirements in specific cases of energy storage.  These solutions will support the implementation of TAURON's research and development projects, i.e. the construction of a warehouse for the uninterrupted supply of energy consumers, the second life of batteries, microgrids, and DSR mechanisms.

The purpose of the "Understanding Energy Utility Customer" program is to provide practical information on customer preferences - both in the area of ​​traditionally-built offers as well as in response to proposals for new energy services and products.

Previous activities under the program concerned, i.a. long-term forecasting of energy demand, research of business clients’ preferences in terms of choosing new energy services and the possibility of using analytical tools to identify customer needs.

Participation in the program will enable the TAURON Group to identify customers' needs quickly and precisely, and thus to build a portfolio of energy services and products, tailored to the changing market trends. The program will also allow to better adapt the products and services to customer expectations, developed only in new business lines, such as electromobility or smart home.  

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